Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Beachy Steak Salad

 Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys
The recipe I'm sharing today came along at just the right moment - and SAVED me!  Yes - saved me! And as it's a fresh-mex beachy kind of dish, who else could I invite to the occasion but The Beach Boys.  My oldest daughter was the one who narrowed it down to this particular song of theirs.  It is a song of comfort - of soothing.  Which is exactly what happened the moment I ate this for the first time - and every time since.

Who knew salad could be 
a comfort food?!
I always thought comfort 
from food had to include
some sort of velvety
sauce and squishy textured
food that sort of melted
into all the recesses of your mouth.
But apparently not!

So we're over the Rice Krispie
Treat stage - and might I add that 
they all turned out fabulous
and were well received!
But through it all,
I have STILL been doing
that AIP diet.
I am in the reintroduction phase
and it's a slow one so I still won't be
having any grains or legumes until June/July.
Still no tomatoes, potatoes,
cheese, or corn.
Some of those are 
coming up soon though!