Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kale and Arugula Pizza

Something to Hold Onto by The Wailin' Jennys
These sad girlies sing about walking past a love's home, hoping that the love will extend something - anything - to give them a reason to stay.  They want something that they can take by the hands - something tangible - something real - a token of promised affections.  I say,  "Buddy, I can help you out here!"  Just set one of these here pizzas on the table - you know, in plain sight from the window they're walking past - and let this dish reel one of those girlies in, speaking volumes of love.  And, believe me, she will have plenty to hold onto!  I've tried eating this with a fork.  Nope.  It's a hands-on affair - letting your fingers delicately pick up the strays that fall away and sweeping them straight up to your mouth.  You won't want to miss a morsel!  

So today is the day where you're going to be wishing you had 
made up those Olive, Garlic, and Wheat Rounds from last week!
You know, like I told you to!

Today we're going to take one of those rounds and make this delicious pizza!
I've had salad pizzas at restaurants like California Pizza Kitchen 
and have been wanting to make my own.
But I find you have to have a base with some oomph to start out with.
Just piling a regular salad on top of a regular dough doesn't seem to cut it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Olive, Garlic, and Wheat Rounds

Around the Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
I had my friends over for lunch yesterday and my friend, Lara, brought along her daughter, Emily.  I introduced you to Emily in my post about the Almond Joy Tarts.  I had mentioned at the time how Emily has introduced me to some amazingly great music.  Well, she sat there quietly with us older ladies, listening as we discussed food, boobs, food, summer trips, and, well --- more food!  It's what we do!  When there was a few seconds pause, she quickly piped up about a band she wanted me to listen to.  The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.  Had I heard of them?  No.  I hadn't!  She named her favorite song, I made a note of it, and as soon as they all left, I checked them out on iTunes.  Oh - Emily knows me well!  Few things get me bopping around like funky eclectic pop!  So I spent some time learning about them while I downloaded two of their albums!  They are danish.  They have brass in their ensemble!  The lead singer, Mette Lindberg, has one of the most distinctive female voices I've heard in a long time!  Although she's the front, the band is so interesting to watch as well!  It's not just about Mette.  I loved this group!  And, then, I about fell off my chair!  Come to find out, their song that I'm sharing with you today, was used in an Apple iPod Touch commercial!  Those who know me well, know my worshiplike love for all things Apple.  I consider it no small matter that both Apple and I have a fondness for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour music.    There are always good things around the bend - or just good things that are round - like pancakes, donuts, and these fiber and protein rich bread rounds that can be used for so many things!

As I mentioned above, I had my friends over for lunch yesterday.
It's the group of friends that I went to the beach with last year 
about this time and we made foil dinners.
It was a good time.
It's always a good time when we get together!

We needed to discuss an upcoming craft boutique 
we are having so I volunteered to host a luncheon.
We couldn't just get together and not eat, now could we?!
No way!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Portobello Paninis

Treat Me Right by Pat Benatar
We all want to be treated fairly, kindly, respectfully.  Every woman I know appreciates Pat Benatar's anthems of justice.  Her gutsy and glorious delivery of every song lifts you to a point of awareness and you suddenly know EXACTLY what you want.  And you find yourself saying, "Yeah!  What she says!!"  For a good while now, though, I've heard this particular chorus being yelled from within.  It's been my body calling out, "Yeah!  What Pat says!!  Treat me right, OK?!  You can't have it both ways!"  And a couple weeks ago I got a fire in my belly and decided I was going to take that nudging seriously.  And today, I'm going to share a recipe that will help you treat yourself right, too.  And, my oh my, it's so delicious!

Weight has been an issue for me my entire life.
As a little kid I was identified by my "short little chubby legs."
People liked to pinch them.
It hurt.
As I got older, the words hurt, too.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

LOL Cupcakes

Happy Together by The Turtles
I'm celebrating a couple things today.  First, a few days ago, I celebrated being married 35 years to my wonderful husband.  Second, I celebrate being together with you for two years.  Two years!  I'm Happy Together with my husband.  And I'm Happy Together with each of you.  I've made a very happy cupcake to share with all of you in recognition of all this happiness!  I'm so happy, I'm Laughing Out Loud!

It's been two years since my first post, folks!
Two years since I cast all fears aside and dove in!
I've loved every minute, every experiment, every success!
And I love sharing all of this with you!
Last year, on my first birthday, I was excited to report a total of 10,374 page visits since beginning.
This year, I can hardly contain myself with the joy of seeing that I have a total of 51,773 page visits!
What the heck!

When I write each post, I don't imagine I'm talking to 51,773 people.
I imagine its each one of you, sitting here in my kitchen, sharing goodies and conversation.
I talk like I do to my near and dear friends when they come to call.
I hope you can feel that ease and my genuine love for what I do in the things I say.
Whether you're one of my visitors from China, Russia, Poland, Vietnam, or any of the other countries represented in my traffic stats, I love that you come and see what I have waiting for you!