Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carrot Cake Cookies

Mairzy Doats by The Merry Macs
Today's post has taken me waaaay back down memory lane!  I've been thinking about an elderly lady I knew as a child and I wanted to use a song that I imagine she might have tapped her toe to in her day.  I remember being mystified by this song.  I was sure they were speaking a foreign language!  I can't remember how old I was when it finally dawned on me just what they were saying!  It is said that it was a particular favorite among soldiers during World War II and that it's nonsensical words were used as passwords.  I just know that it's as much fun to sing today as it was back then!

Last year my friend, Lara, and I went to a sort of Flea Market craft sale.  There were lots of vintage items to be found - and lots of folks walking around dressed up in era attire.  As I strolled past one booth, a bundle of old-timey handkerchiefs caught my eye.  I remember always having a hankie tucked into my pocket or pocketbook (yesteryear lingo for "purse") because that's what "little ladies" did.  You just don't see that kind of hankie much anymore.  We use tissues now.  But, hankies were displays of embroidery and fine handiwork.  I was surprised, therefore, to find that this particular bundle was just a couple dollars!  Sold!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coconut Lime Cake

Coconut by Harry Nilsson
Come on.  It's a no-brainer.  There's only one song that pops into your head when making coconut and lime ANYTHING!  And when it pops in - it STAYS!  Over and over again.  And you know what?  This song is one that is welcome to stay and play over and over and over again in my  head.  I loved it back in the early 70s and I love it today.  That opening arpeggio puts a groove into your step and happiness in one's heart.  One chord, folks.  There's only one chord for the whole song - played in arpeggio.  Thank you, Mr. Nilsson, for this simple delight!  Put this lime and coconut recipe together and you will be feeling all better - no doctor call necessary!

This song slams me back on Keenan Street in Warren, PA - 1972.  It took maybe 3 seconds of hearing those opening arpeggio notes and I'd be up on my feet getting my funky little moves going.  If you know me, and know my body type, and if you're trying to imagine what I would look like trying to get those funky moves going, would you do me a favor?  Would you just give me nice, long legs in your imaginings?  Thanks!  I appreciate that!  It makes for a nicer image.  After all, it's how I imagine I'm looking whenever I dance.  Reality is no friend when a short-legged pudgy girl wants to groove.  You hearing me on this one?  Good!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Split Pea Soup with Ham & Bacon

The Green Grass Grew All Around by Larry Groce & Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus
Bear with me this week.  So many thoughts running around in my brain - all I can think of when I see or think of Split Pea Soup is "green."  It is its most distinctive feature, in my book.  I figured a song about something green would be fitting.  And a song that I remember my father singing with us kids would be even more fitting as I mark the 18th year of being on this planet without him around to sing with me anymore.  My father was a master guitarist.  And that made me a lucky kid as I was serenaded to sleep almost every single night by my father playing and singing downstairs.  He played just about every day.  But my favorite times were when he'd pull out his guitar and just start playing kid songs and leading us in sing-alongs.  And this song was one of the best!  He'd make up his own verses, going on and on and on, thinking of something infinitesimally smaller than the object in the previous verse.  He'd have us all giggling silly.  And when the song would be done - finally - he'd be ear-to-ear grin and chuckling silly himself.  I wish you could have experienced this, too.  So my St. Patrick's Day offering this year is something green ~ from one very lucky kid.     

I've always liked Split Pea Soup.  
It's an old-timey kind of soup and brings about images of days of yore - of simple hard-working days and long evenings spent with the family.

I know it's appearance can be a little off-putting to many folks.  Green and mushy.  Not the best words of endorsement.  But, what can I say?  It is what it is.  Like mushrooms and spinach, I was surprised as a child when I discovered that I wasn't supposed to like it.  Certainly all the other kids at school found it disgusting.  Maybe their parents just didn't make it right!  I just know that the homey smell of a simmering ham bone with onions and celery guaranteed something delicious for dinner.  And, often, that delicious something was Split Pea Soup with Ham!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Peanut Butter Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins

More Than Fine by Switchfoot
"When I'm up with the sunrise, I want more than just blue skies.  I want more than just ok, more than just ok."  I'm with Switchfoot on this one.  Why start your day with low expectations?  Why not start your day out with something spectacular ~ and then let it carry you through awesomeness the rest of the way?  It would be like pre-programming your daily outcomes.  That's a tall order for a breakfast - for a muffin.  But I get that order fulfilled with these guys.  Lots of yummy vibes sent out to herald a fabulous day.  I leave the house with a smile on my face and a bounce to my step - because they're "more than fine - more than just ok!"

So I guess it was international Banana Bread Day a couple weeks ago.  I didn't know about it in time.  But it's on my calendar now, marked to remind me of it every year for eternity.  So that's good!

But I did spend the day ruminating about banana bread.  I already have a few really good recipes which I've shared with you.  But my mind kept jumping over to the muffin track.  And then I've kind of had obsessive thoughts about Reese's Peanut Butter Cups lately.  That's only because I'm trying to be better at how I eat - which does NOT include the peanut butter cups - very often.  You know - how when someone tells you NOT to think about something, then that's ALL you can think about.  Well, with those two thoughts running around in my brain it wouldn't be long until they ran into each other head on!