Thursday, February 13, 2014

'Til We Meet Again

Corner Of Your Heart by Ingrid Michaelson
I have things to do which require me to take a leave of absence.  Will you please save a corner of your heart - just a tiny one - for when I hope to be back again - someday.

Nope -
that isn't a picture of some lovely
Valentine's treat for you to share with your 
loved ones this weekend.

It's my broken heart.

I had a scrumptious recipe ready to go and
was in the process of taking photos when
I got an answer to a question that's been
hounding me for quite some time.

Actually, I got a scary wake up call
yesterday morning - which led to the inevitable
answer to that question.

I stepped on the scale.


I'm not talking "oh you could lose 
a couple pounds"stuff.  
I'm talking "no wonder your body is 
in so much pain and you can't even
get down on the floor - or beach - and play
with your grandkids" stuff.

I've been questioning for awhile now just
how smart it is to have a food blog
while I struggle so much with weight.
And yesterday I got a clear answer.

"Girl, you need to get yourself under control
if you want to continue doing this."

You see, to do a food blog,  you are
CONSTANTLY thinking about food
and how to make something even more 
delicious and appealing.
Then you have to make that dish over and over again.
I admit that much goes to friends and neighbors, but 
I have to taste it as well.
And I have a hard time stopping sometimes.

But the work behind a blog has also proved
There are deadlines I have to meet.
And, often, if I'm in a pinch,
I will sacrifice my workout time so that I can
get the post out on time.

The few people I told about my decision asked if 
I would consider doing a blog of healthy food instead.
Right now, I think I just need the time to focus on 
my lifestyle in general.

So, it's with great sadness that I say 
"so long, for now, dear friends."

If, along my journey I come across something 
that is earth shatteringly healthy and good
I might just pop on to say hello.

If you'd like to know when that happens,
and you haven't already,
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ono Sweet Rolls

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Tell me who didn't fall in love with Israel's version of this classic the very first time they heard it?  Nobody!  That's who!  It is just as much perfection as Judy Garland's rendition, in my humble opinion.  To many of those between the age of newborn to, oh, let's say, 50 - 60ish, it IS the song of Hawaii.  His mixing it with "What A Wonderful World" just makes it all that much better.  A trip to Hawaii isn't complete until I've heard it at least three different times.  It might be while shopping in a store, or in the hotel elevator, or while lazing by the pool.  But it always brings a smile to my face and a lighter beat to my heart.  As will these incredible Ono Sweet Rolls.  "Ono" means delicious in Hawaii, you know.  So just go ahead and put some Cream of Coconut, shredded sweetened coconut, some macadamia nuts, and a can of pineapple juice on your grocery list.  

I returned from a trip to Hawaii about a week ago.
My husband had a work conference to attend and, you can
bet, I certainly went along for the ride!
I love it when his conferences are held in
such prime locations!

We were on the island of Maui to be specific.
It wasn't our first time here.
We've been here about four times, I think, and
have done many of the fun activities available.
Our first trip we went up to Mount Haleakala to see
the sunrise and then biked back down, at our own pace,
to return the bikes to the rental store.
It was a great adventure!