Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Almond Butter

What Strangers Are These by Will Ackerman (featuring David Cullen)
I chose this song simply because it was what was playing in the kitchen while I made this delicious Almond Butter - and it just felt so perfect.  The atmosphere in my kitchen was cozy and the mood was that of a simple life - which is nice to feel at a time of the year that can feel anything but simple! Guitar music is the ultimate feeling of peace for me - and I could just close my eyes and imagine that my Dad was sitting there with me.  Please do yourself a favor and click on the link and spend a few minutes in YouTube land with this beautiful guitar duet that oozes comfort and peace.  Oh - while enjoying some delicious Almond Butter on toast - or apples - or celery - or on a spoon even!

I was making a recipe a while back and it 
called for some almond butter.
I didn't have any in the house.
Nor did I have much confidence that
our local grocery store would have it either.
I did, however, have almonds.
Lots of them.

How difficult could it be to make your own?

It didn't take much research on the internet
to find out that it was anything but difficult!
It's actually one of the simplest 
things in the world!
Provided you have a food processor, that is!
And I do!

I read about needing to have a processor
with a big enough motor to handle 
the length of time you'd need to be
running the motor.

Some of the instructions called for toasting,
and some didn't.
But if I'm faced with the option of
"to toast or not to toast"
I'm gonna be toasting!

And by doing this I stumbled onto something!

By putting the almonds into the processor
while still warm or hot,
it reduces the time required
to turn those nuts into butter!
Mine was done in less than 9 minutes!

The only other ingredient you need
is kosher salt -
and the amount is completely up to you!

It's also up to you just how chunky or 
smooth you want to take it!

This makes a great gift and stores beautifully
in the refrigerator - and doesn't get too thick
so it's impossible to spread.
It stays nice and creamy!

If I don't happen to have the whole almonds
I have been known to use sliced or slivered as well!

Try it!

Almond Butter
makes 1 1/2 cups

3 cups whole raw almonds
1 teaspoon kosher salt (optional)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Spread the almonds on a sheet tray and roast for about 10 minutes.
Transfer the warm roasted almonds into the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal "S" blade.
Turn on the food processor and process a minute or two.  You'll see the almonds start to climb the walls of the bowl.
Remove the lid and, using a spatula, scrape those almonds back down into the bowl!  I'd probably be trying to make a run for it if I were an almond in there, too!  Turn the processor back on and over the next several minutes you'll watch the nuts go through a transformation as these pictures show -
They'll become a big mass.
And then -
that mass will start to crumble back down.
And then, suddenly, it will start to resemble butter.
And you can stop here, if you like.  It will be a 
thicker product, is all.
Or you can do what I do and process it a bit more for
satiny smooth butter.
If only you could smell what I got to smell when I took these photos!
Oh my goodness!!

I like mine so that it actually can be poured.

When you've got your butter to the consistency you like, taste and add salt to your liking.  I'd start with a teaspoon.  Now you're ready to enjoy!

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  1. The only thing I would add to the toast is honey with the almond butter!
    The Yokes on Keene by me has a nut butter machine in their natural section. But your method is fresher and looks yummy.